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macrobiography: /makrō bīˈägrəfēnoun. Large scale account of someone’s life, told by someone else.

In this case, me.

I expect this post to be buried in due course, but if you’re here, welcome! This could be the only post in a rashly begun and hastily abandoned blog, or it be the first post of an infinite number of possibilities. This podcast is meant to look at the biographies of the famous, the infamous, and occasionally the nameless people in history. More, this podcast is going to look at the world they inhabited: its predecessors, its foundations, and then all the details of culture and society that make the Egypt of Cleopatra, for example, utterly unlike the Egypt of Ramses II. To break free of dated history and attempt to show not just where a historical actor was on such-and-such date and why, but what there was like. After all, how can you understand the individual if you don’t understand the civilization that produced them?

While history is an immense subject, it still trails inevitably into the present and is then, essentially, over. The period of Charlemagne is finite. So I won’t follow any sort of chronological order–though I’ll probably provide a chronological order of historical figures at some point–as I go along, as a beginning implies an end and I’d hate to get to 1400 AD and then have to argue with myself about derailing the show to go back for a lagging historical figure.  The universe of fascinating people in history, with all their attendant comedy, tragedy, and triumph, is limitless.

Given the quantity of research I do for the podcasts, initially I’m going to skip to whatever historical figure takes my fancy, but if a suggestion strikes me as interesting, I may pick it up, so feel free to suggest any historical figure you’d like to know more about, and as always, ask questions about any I’ve already covered.

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